Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Gardening and landscaping at home

Want to know what is the landscaping? Here are some ideas to help:
This is one of the most effective tools to improve the quality of people's lives, whether in the city, suburbs, and countryside. A beautiful landscape enhances the value of any property. But developing a landscape is usually big task, consuming time and energy. In this post are some tips on gardening and landscaping that will serve to address the tasks involved to achieve good results are ideas for outdoor garden design that can be easily implemented. For more information on home and garden follow this link, a list relevant input.

Ideas and tips for developing garden chores at home:
1. Design flower beds: at planting the flower bed assemble in three rows, including a row with higher plants, the middle row with medium plants and a first row with small flowers. 

2. Use annual supplements: although perennial flowers are ideal for planting garden bed, unlike annual flowers that bloom only once. To fill in the gaps and give color to your garden or patio, it is also useful to incorporate annual flowers in your plan.

3. Make use of the "evergreen" and other foliage plants:  deciduous trees and shrubs create much of the landscape, because add color and variety to the environment. Also evergreens and other foliage plants give continuity to your landscape.

4. Use drought-tolerant plants:  Consider all the seasons when planning your landscape. Note that the summer heat can reach wilting flowers and plants, especially when they are not properly cared for. It is therefore advisable to select resistant plants dry outdoors. 

5. Include edges of beds in your garden or landscape design:  not limited to plants. Remind walls and fences as they can provide structure to the garden, as do the evergreen. Along with wooden decks, pergolas and patios, garden accessories achieve an essential definition of the exterior design.


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